Intercloud limited is a nationwide internet service provider (ISP) and IP Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) licensee in Bangladesh

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House No. Ga-30/G, Pragati Sarani, Shahjadpur, Gulshan 2, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh





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PBX on the Move


First App-Based PBX
Solution in Bangladesh

Personal IVR Setup

Set welcome Audio/message for the caller. The caller will hear customized interactive recordings that will lead them to a specific destination (e.g. your company's departments)

Custom Portal To Manage

Web based user interface allows admin to control the user Balanace, call history, Balance transfer & edit the extensions. Instant recharge option also gives you flexibility

0 PBX Hardware Cost

No additional PBX Server setup is required for this service. Brilliant Cloud based PBX has full flexibility, features & uptime

Extension Anywhere

User can stay anywhere in the Bangladesh to access the pbx service. Extension numbers can be carried in the pocket

Monthly Subscription

Lower monthly subscription will save the high cloud server and hardware maintenance cost.

Free Extension & IP Calls

Any IP Telephony starts with +88096XXXXXXXX outgoing is free along with the internal extensions

Easy Configuration

Seamless configuration of the extension by our technical team remotely

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated Customer service Engineer is available live for any changes & Support to your service


transform your business

At brilliant, we have collected your telephony online and in an app for mobile, so that you always have all our powerful functions at your fingertips.

With brilliant PBX, you can easily make calls with the brilliant connect app, and configuration can be done with a few clicks.